Readings/Performances in Albany, NY

Last Wednesday morning I did a "Reading/Performance" of my children's book: Tales of the Rainbow Forest at 2 Wonderful Day Care Centers in Albany, NY. It was quite a pleasure to see the bright and inquisitive faces of the kids there.

Their undivided attention as I read was a clear indication that they were interested in the story. When they were invited to join in to sing, whistle, and clap as I sang some of the story's songs, the invitation was immediately accepted.

It was really fun to see the kids doing their version of the butterfly dancing on the spider-web when I sang "Flutter Butterfly Song". It was a Fun day for all. Again, thanks to: Sharon Mudge, Albany Jewish Comm. Ctr's. Day Care Director,  and to: Sheryl Welton, Alov Shalom Day Care Center's Director.