McKenzie Willis was born in Brownsville, TN.  He attended Tennessee State A & I University and subsequently graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a degree in sociology.  He was formerly employed by New York State University Research Foundation. Much of his work was related to youth counseling.

While with the New York State Education Department he delivered numerous presentations introducing educators to the department's development of a testing tool for diagnosing traumatic brain injury in youth.

McKenzie is a published song writer/lyricist and has collaborated with Saturday Night Live Music Director, L. Leon Pendarvis. One of McKenzie's songs was recorded by blues legend, Taj Mahal.

The CD of six children's songs that is available as a companion to the book is the result of collaboration between Leon Pendarvis, Janice Gadsden-Pendarvis and McKenzie. 

The score for the background music for the audio version of the book was composed by Gus Mancini.